Tourist Bus Rental

If the number of people is higher than 20, Tourist Bus Rental is the best, safe and comfortable means of transportation to move from one place to another. We have the best quality tourist busses for the rental services. Around 27 number of people can comfortably accommodate in our tourist bus. Our tourist bus is in like new condition. All the seat functions correctly with the easy adjustments. The tourist bus we provide are best of the brand with the luxurious amenities and seats. We can provide the Tourist Bus Rental of both red and green number plates as per the desire of customers.

We clean our vehicle and seat cover after every trip. The drivers are very professional and have at least 4-5 years of driving experience. There will be two bus staff; driver and conductor. You can rent tourist bus to reach any part of the Nepal where the vehicle can go.

The types of tourist bus we provide for rental:

  1. Deluxe tourist bus: Air condition, A bottle of water and Multimedia, Mobile Charger
  2. Super Deluxe tourist bus: Air condition, A bottle of water, Multimedia and Mobile Charger
  3. VIP Super Deluxe tourist bus: Air condition, Multimedia, A bottle of mineral water, Mobile Charger and Lunch