Happy Flying

Sky diving in Pokhara is not only about the adventure but also about the amazing view of Pokhara valley and majestic Himalayas surrounding that you see when you are above the clouds. Skydiving is probably the most thrilling and rapid adrenaline rushing activity.

Price: Skydiving in Pokhara

NationalityPrice / person
NepaleseRs 90,000
ForeignersUSD 1000
IndianRs 1,00,000


  • The price of the sport can be changed. So, make sure you contact us before making any decision.
  • We can arrange as desired accommodation in Pokhara and if you require, sightseeing facilities can also be provided in a very competitive price.


  • Skydiving in Pokhara
  • Pickup and drop from lakeside to flying destination

Timing: Skydiving in Pokhara is only organized in the month of November every year by Everest Skydive Nepal.


The reservation for Skydiving in Pokhara should be made early because due to shortcoming event organizing process the number of jumps are very few and many people want to do it.  We assure you that every amount of money you will be spending for Skydiving in Pokhara will be worth it and believe us you can’t stop sharing the thrill of being in the sky above Pokhara to others for your lifetime.  


First, you will be received from your hotel to flying zone in the morning as per scheduled time. You will be informed when to get ready.

Second, when your turn comes you will be flown above to the height of 11000 – 14000 ft. by AS 350 B3/B2 helicopter.

Third, you will jump with the diving instructor. Enjoy your fall, a mind blowing experience. Then land in the drop zone at Pame Lauruk which is 11 km away from Lakeside.

Fourth, you will be transferred to your hotel.