Makalu Barun National Park was established in 1992 and spans 2330 square kilometres. This national park, located in eastern Nepal, is named after Makalu Mountain, which highlights this beautiful area. Makalu is the world’s fifth highest mountain (8463m/27,766ft), although this national park contains 16 other different summits. It was previously a confined area and now encompasses five critical natural zones. The journey begins in the lush and subtropical Arun Valley and continues through deep woods of rhododendron and fir.
The path leads to alpine meadows and then to the massive Barun Glacier. The walk brings you to Makalu’s base camp, where this spectacular tor will meet you. Most of this walk takes place in the lower altitudes of the Arun Valley. The massive Arun River has a subtropical climate. It is densely forested and stands in stark contrast to the terraced slopes further up, which villagers from various tribal groups farm. This is where your journey will take you as you gradually ascend towards the Makalu Barun National Park.
High fields on the top slopes of this river valley border the national park and serve as an important protection area for many threatened species. The trail’s elevation profile ranges from 850 meters (2,788 feet) to 5000 meters (16,900 feet) above sea level. This walk is ideal for those looking for an “off the beaten path” experience. It’s a less popular path, but it’s no less impressive and a terrific alternative to the busier roads. This walk requires stamina and fitness to enjoy the region’s grandeur properly. A trekker who takes the time to increase their physical ability will be rewarded with spectacular mountain views.
The main ethnic groups in this region are the Sherpa, Rai, and Limbu. If time is an issue, but you still want to see this less travelled location, there is a flight to Tumlingtar, a little village on a plateau. Those who want to cut their trek by a few days face a challenging ascent from Tumlingtar (390m) to Makalu Base Camp (4,800m). This path will also expose the brave trekker to many climates, from hot in the lowlands to snow storms at high altitudes. This walk may be done in several ways, one of which will take you across the Sherpani Col and west Col into the upper Hongu valley.
Trekking in the Arun Valley is spectacular in and of itself. Salpa Bhanjyang, at 3350 meters, is the highest peak on this journey. During this hike, you will see a Hindu holy lake named Salpa Pokhari. This is a beautiful and easy hike for individuals who don’t want to encounter many visitors on the trail but want to enjoy the magnificent mountain landscape and rolling green hills. Due to the limited number of trekkers, there are few tea houses and guest rooms, but the diverse ethnic groups who call the Arun Valley home provide excellent hospitality.

Makalu Base Camp Trek
Makalu Base Camp Trek will probably be one of the best experiences in your life. Mount Makalu (8,485m) is the fifth highest mountain in the...
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