The far west of Nepal ranks near the bottom of practically every list in terms of development, yet it is near the top in terms of adventure and awe. Deep, dark forests, glittering sheets of water, lonely ice and snow-covered mountains, small gorges, and historic villages make up this environment.
It’s a pilgrimage and commercial route territory, with products still transported to and from Tibet by mule and yak, and Nepalese pilgrims pass through on their way to the Holy of Holies, Mount Kailash, in western Tibet.
Western Nepal presents many hurdles and logistical nightmares for trekkers, but the payoff is a wide swath of pristine Himalayan scenery waiting to be explored. You’ll need the patience to be on a fully supported camping trek, but if you’re seeking something truly unique, the far west of Nepal is an excellent place to start.

Limi Valley trek
Limi Valley Trek is one of the less visited but unique trekking trail in Nepal. Limi valley is situated in far western part of Nepal...
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